organization structure
  • International Liaison Division
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  • Inviting and hosting personages and delegations of business communities from abroad to visit Guangxi;
    Organizing Guangxi economic and trade delegations and Guangxi entrepreneur delegations to go abroad for visit and observation, developing exchanges and training;
    Developing exchanges and training with international and regional organizations concerned and chambers of commerce of the countries in the world;
    Acting as an agent and assist in establishing subsidiaries in Guangxi for overseas chambers of commerce or other organizations, and keeping contacts activities;
    According to the requirements to organize,establish and conduct economic and trade, financial, investment and anti-damping work, and assisting the enterprises in exploiting international market;
    Directing the work of its representatives offices abroad;
    Conducting business exchanges and cooperation with Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan;
    To conduct activities of inviting foreign investment, utilizing foreign capital and investment abroad in various forms.